BR Watch

Broadcast clock with customizable logo, colors and custom data presentation (i.e. UPS/power or network monitoring, etc). Both NTP and GPS time synchronization is supported. Available in HDMI and SDI output versions.

€ 219/249,-




An inexpensive drop in replacement for IP IRDs, where speed and flexibility is needed. Great for streaming productions where there’s a need for external camera feed (bird’s eye city cams, security, other IP and IPTV streams, mobile encoders) to a broadcast video mixer. Includes motion-compensated deinterlace and high quality upscaling for PAL/NTSC to 720p/1080p upconversion.




BR Cue

Small and simple solution for vMix – Datavideo ITC-100 and ITC-200B tally integration. There are 4, 8 and 16 tally versions available. From simple 2-4 camera productions up to full dual PGM/PVW eight channel operation – we’ve got it all covered. Compatible with Windows and MacOSX.