BR Watch

Broadcast clock with customizable logo, colors and custom data presentation (i.e. UPS/power monitoring, network monitoring, etc). Both NTP and GPS time synchronization is supported. Available in HDMI and SDI output versions.


An inexpensive drop in replacement for IP IRDs, where speed and flexibility is needed. Great for streaming productions where there’s a need for external camera feed (bird’s eye city cams, security, other IP and IPTV streams) to video mixer. Includes motion-compensated deinterlace and high quality upscaling for PAL/NTSC to 720p/1080p.

BR Cue

Small and simple solution for vMix – Datavideo ITC-100 and ITC-200B tally integration. There are 4, 8 and 16 tally versions available for simple 2-4 camera productions up to full dual PGM/PVW eight channel operation). Compatible with Windows and IOS.