Broadcast clock with HDMI or SDI output – an eye candy for your OB van, flightpack or studio multiviewer screen

Customizable elements:

  • Fullscreen startup logo
  • Small Logo
  • Dot color and size
  • Time-only or time and date display
  • Text font – dot-matrix, LED, LCD, custom (TrueType fonts supported).

Video output modes:

  • SD 480i/576i
  • HD 720p/1080i/1080p
  • VESA 4:3 and 16:9 modes (HDMI version)

Supported time synchronisation mechanisms:

  • GPS (satellite)
  • NTP (internet)
  • (optional) GSM (cellular network) – not recommended due to the fact some operators don’t pass the clock data

Auxilary data presentation:

  • (optional) wide variety of numerical and/or logical data inputs – UPS monitoring, network throughput, air temperature, stream status (integration with YouTube health status through YouTube Live API), external GPIO trigger (i.e. “on-air”)

Time drift:

  • Less than 3 seconds per month when either stored offline or working without network access or a clean GPS signal

Form factor:

  • User-defined

1-Year remote support and updates


249,- (SDI) / 219,- (HDMI)

NOTE: Current software revision require in-factory customization. Basic WebUI customisations are planned in the near future.